PERFECT™ 5 Energy

Perfect 5 Energy– window which combines practical functionality and elegant design. Massive five-chamber profile (72 mm wide)

Step slope

Three options for adjusting the intensity of ventilation, according to the needs

The rotation limiter

provides shutter’s fixation in the extremely open position.

Child safety

blocks the opening of the window and allows you to leave it on the ventilation or close with a free transition between these modes

Thermal conductivity, 0.79 W/m²K

5-chamber system, 72 mm

One-chamber energy efficient double-glazed unit

24 / 32 / 44 mm

Galvanized P-shaped reinforcement, 1.2 mm

Groove sealer “housewife” – protection against dust accumulation inside the window


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5 year warranty


Greenline technology


PERFECT™ 47264 Ternopil, Ukraine



0038 0354 022 200